Jun 052017

Here’s a message for new BCS President John Forbes:


I wanted to inform you all of the results of the debate and subsequent vote regarding the future of how BCS will conduct team formation in the future.

It was vigorously and thoroughly debated in a respectful manner for many weeks (years, actually!) and I can say that both sides of this issue have valid and respectable arguments for why each of the two systems of forming teams has merit.

We are fully confident that we’ve found a compromise that will satisfy both sides of this issue. This is a complex issue where compromise was needed here.

The board voted to do the following for the next year and for as long as the board feels satisfied with the results. The BCS board reserves the right to revisit the issue at any time for further review in deference to changing circumstances.

Fall 2017
– D6 and D7: DRAFT
– D8-D12: Traditional BCS format (Coaches form teams and league distributes free agents and forms new teams as needed)

Spring 2018
– Future Stars – League forms teams in modified draft system (Various factors considered, including school affiliation, geography, friendships and talent parity)
– D6-D12 – DRAFT

Thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion on the issue. Now lets all come together and get on with playing some football!!

PS. Registration is OPEN right now, so get on it and register your players!

John Forbes
BCS Youth Flag Football

Beach Cities Sports Youth Flag Football

May 042017
On behalf of my family, I just wanted to reach out to “EVERYONE” and extend a total heartfelt Thank You!! We really appreciate ALL the love and support from the BCS regarding the loss of my children’s loving father, Joe Gealon. Akea wouldn’t be where he is now without his dad and this organization.  Thanks again to everyone for helping us out.
Many hugs, Mahalo, and God Bless…

Best, Riscilla Christensen, Akea’s mom

Mar 082017

We are excited to announce a new partnership with RockSolid. RockSolid was created by former NFL players to improve the safety of non-contact football. Over 30,000 flag football players from all over the country are now sporting their soft-shell helmets.

The signature RS2 soft-shell helmet from RockSolid reduces the impact of hits by 52%. Go to liverocksolid.com/features to learn more about the technology that makes it work.

Let’s have even more fun this year as each player gets to look like a pro in their RockSolid gear. We appreciate you taking part with us!

Get your helmet at a discounted league rate through this ordering page: https://www.liverocksolid.com/store/beachcitiessports/

Feb 152017

Thanks to all 234 kids that came. And an even bigger thank you to our volunteers who came to help us out! We were a bit overwhelmed by the attendance, so we appreciated everyone’s patience. We have tabulated the results as best we can, and we apologize in advance for any misspellings or typos – handwriting skills seem to be a bit lacking in our volunteers. Maybe next year we can go digital!

To calculate overall winners, kids received 3 points for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third for placing in the top three of the following events: 40 Yard Dash, Passing for Distance, Shuttle Run, Standing Broad Jump, Vertical Jump. In the event of a tie, we took the higher score from the Flag Pulling Drill. We didn’t have a separate Girls division since only four girls showed up, and each rated very highly in their respective divisions. Kudos to Kate Grzesek, Paige Gilmer, Mary Foster & Aeryl Lytal!

Check out this great article on the day from The Easy Reader, including pictures! Here’s another from The Beach Reporter – with some more great photos.

You can download the results spreadsheet – which is sortable by Name, Division, Grade, Events, etc. to see how your child matched up!  Spring17_Combine_Results

Division Winners – Future Stars 

1st – Thomas Sohn Stetson – 9 pts

2nd – Max Spiridellis – 4 pts

3rd – Brady Sheehan – 3 pts


Division Winners – D7U

1st – Cody Collins – 9 pts

2nd – Isaac Lulich – 6 pts

3rd – Dash Jones – 5 pts


Division Winners – D9U

1st – Pierson Howe – 5 pts

2nd – Graham Lunzer – 5 pts

3rd – Thomas Rudy – 4 pts


Division Winners – D10U

1st – Niko Valenzuela – 7 pts

2nd – Sebastien Imberechts – 4 pts

3rd – Michael Tyler – 4 pts


Division Winners – D12U

1st – Andrew VanLerberghe – 10 pts

2nd – Caden Tellison – 4 pts

3rd – Mauricio Tarnapolsky – 3 pts


Division Winners contact BCS President Jay Scully (president@bcsflagfootball.com) to collect your prizes.


Event Winners by division – 40 yard dash

Future Stars – Brady Sheehan – 4.8

7U – Matthew Fine – 6.54

9U – Pierson Howe – 6.55

10U – Rylan Gracie – 6.21

12U – Andrew VanLerberghe – 6.07


Event Winners by division – Shuttle Run

Future Stars – Nate Neubauer – 6.02

7U – Cody Collins – 5.4

9U – Joseph Valdez – 5.34

10U – Niko Valenzuela – 5.07

12U – Andrew VanLerberghe – 4.88


Event Winners by division – Passing for Distance

Future Stars – Robert Slane – 17 yards

7U – Isaac Lulich – 25 yards

9U – Graham Lunzer/Kai Beller – 29 yards

10U – Niko Valenzuela/Max Ausmus/Michael Tyler/Jonah Mirkovich – 30 yards

12U  – Tyler Doiron – 39 yards


Event Winners by division – Broad Jump

Future Stars – Thomas Sohn Stetson – 56″

7U – Parker Rockwell – 65″

9U – Thomas Rudy – 81″

10U – Jake Beller – 77″

12U – Mauricio Tarnapolsky – 81″


Event Winners by division – Vert Jump

Future Stars – Hank McPhee – 8.5″

7U – Cody Collins/Isaac Lulich – 12″

9U – Maximus Serrano – 13.5″

10U – Michael Tyler 15.5

12U – Grant Gilmer – 15.5″




Feb 082017

Important Dates & Information – Updated 2/27/17 – note all info subject to change

3/4 – Preseason Practices start – locations/times vary per team. Contact you coach with questions

3/4 – Mandatory Coaches Clinic & Meeting – Mira Costa 9:30-11:00 am – Meet at bottom of the bleachers and on field.

3/16 – Uniform pick-up date at DICK’s Sporting Goods (Evening, exact time TBD)

Game Schedule to come in Late Feb. / Early March, exact dates to come on field space is confirmed

3/17-19 – Season opening weekend

5/6-7 – Playoffs 1st Round 

5/13-14 – Playoffs 2nd Round

5/20-21 – Super Bowl

Division Breakdowns

Future Stars – same as always – kids aged 5 as of 7/1/16. 6 Teams

D7U – 7 and under – Combining D6 & D7. Kids aged 6 & 7 as 7/1/16. 7 teams

D9U – 9 and under – Smaller and/or less experienced D9 players, plus all of D8. Kids aged 8 & 9 as 7/1/16. 5 teams.

D10U – 10 and under – Larger and/or more experienced, skilled D9 players, plus all of D10. Kids aged 9 & 10 as 7/1/16. 6 teams

D12U – 12 and under  – Combining D11 & D12. Kids aged 11 & 12 as 7/1/16. 6 teams

Games Sites

Mira Costa High School (Waller Stadium), Redondo Union High School (Sea Hawk Stadium), more Manhattan Beach field TBD

Games will be Friday night (under the lights), Saturday all day/evening and Sunday late morning into early evening

Ball Size

Future Stars, D7u, D9u –  “Pee Wee” size ball
D10u, D12u –  “Junior” size ball